Award Winning Care

Each year, the compassionate and knowledgable providers at the Pediatric Group are recognized for their outstanding patient care in the Annapolis Capital Reader's Choice Awards and Chesapeake Family Life's Favorite Docs Awards. Check out some of the wonderful words our families have for us!

❤️ "Kathy Lanciano is excellent with patients and always available. She is thorough and caring."  (Chesapeake Family Life)

❤️ "Dr. Davis always has a smile and sets my kids at ease. He is personable and friendly and takes his time with us at each visit. Quite simply he is the most down to earth doctor we have ever had!"  (Chesapeake Family Life)

❤️ "Ms. Carol has been our two sons' provider for many years and she is just wonderful. Her warm, caring, calm demeanor is just what every concerned parent needs!"  (Chesapeake Family Life)

❤️ "Dr. Gilliard was my pediatrician and now he is my children's pediatricianHe is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I fully trust his diagnoses and opinions. He is one of a kind. Thank you, Dr. Gilliard."  (Chesapeake Family Life)

❤️ "Dr. Gibson is very knowledgeable and offers me guidance based on my son's specific needs and general needs also based on his age and development. He does so kindly and carefully."  (Chesapeake Family Life)

❤️ "We are SOOOOO happy with Brooke (Slater)! The wait time is non-existent and she spends ample time with us. My daughter gets super anxious about blood work and shots. Her nurses handled her meltdown with care and without judgement. We saw Brooke again today for a same day sick appointment and were just as pleased!"  (Yelp)

❤️ "Cassie (Roberts) is our physician, and I think she is fantastic. She takes the time to answer any and all questions, and she is very approachable and polite. I would absolutely trust her to make decisions for the well being of our child, no questions."  (Yelp)

❤️ "My son sees Kathy Lanciano, but we have also seen a couple other providers and we're happy with those visits as well. The front desk staff is friendly and timely, and the nurses are awesome. The best part is, it's on a farm so we get to visit with some animals when we are there."  (Yelp)

❤️ "This practice is a rare find and I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who want caring, whole hearted doctors and staff that go above and beyond to care for your child. Thank you, Davidsonville pediatrics for my wonderful life-long, and 2nd generation experience."  (Yelp)

❤️ "AMAZING Doctors!!!! My four children went through until adult age with these doctors and they could not have cared more ‼️‼️‼️ Through hospital visits and simple spiked temps they treated every visit with the upmost care! ♥️"  (Google)

❤️ "I'm so happy to have discovered this practice for my infant. From the serene outdoor environment w/ peacocks & other animals, to the superb care & awesome bedside manner, the 45-minute drive is indeed a pleasure to take to get there."  (Google)

❤️ "We travel 30 minutes out of our way to go here. We love this practice. The customer service and most importantly, patient care is phenomenal."  (Google)