Choosing Your Primary Care Provider

The providers of the Pediatric Group know that the best care is given when a relationship is formed between a patient and his or her family, and the doctor/nurse practitioner.

Over the years, we have strived to promote this relationship by establishing continuity of care and building a one-on-one bond between the patient and his or her provider. We feel this is the best way to provide care.

We want all of our patients to choose a preferred Primary Care Provider (PCP), who will oversee care for you or your child and be available to you for the majority of your office visits. If your PCP is unavailable for a preferred appointment day and/or time, another provider will be available for your visit. If you are new to the practice, we encourage patients and their family to meet with a few different providers before making a decision on a PCP. Patients are welcome to change their PCP at any time if they so desire.

At the core of the bond between the patient and his or her provider is our Patient Centered Medical Home program. The basis of your child's Medical Home is his or her knowledgeable, compassionate health care provider, who works with a team to take care of your child's health needs.

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