🐄 Farm Fun

Come visit our fun and unique farm in the peaceful countryside of Davidsonville! Children of all ages will love seeing our cows, sheep, goats, buffalo... and even peacocks! Here are directions and tips for visiting us:

Our address is 2772 Rutland Road, Davidsonville, Maryland, 21035, which is also the address for GPS. Enter where you see the sign for Davidsonville Pediatrics and park in a designated space.

To see the peacocks, stroll over to the gazebo next to the parking lot. Then, walk along the fence to look out over cows, sheep and goats. To see the buffalo, walk down the driveway back toward the road and carefully cross Rutland Road to the driveway directly across the street for Quantum Leap Farm (this is our property, too). The fence around the buffalo is electric so please take care not to touch it! (The wood part is okay to touch, just not the wires on the inside.)

Photos by Ann-Marie Sedor